I’m January!

At 23, I embarked on my first entrepreneurial journey. Without prior business or marketing knowledge, it was thrilling, scary, and very educational. The experience paved the way for my marketing career.

Now, I find myself immersed in the dynamic world of marketing, product, and technology.

Today, I work in digital marketing for Cedalo GmbH. A company that provides IoT solutions with its Mosquitto MQTT broker.

As my career keeps progressing, I find joy in sharing my insights and experiences. I have a newsletter where I simplify marketing concepts and share useful tools and templates.


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A few more things about me…

📱 I love exploring how new technologies can enhance businesses.

🎓 I have an MBA in International Management. I shared some insights here.

🇫🇷 🇩🇪 I have a love for languages and am currently learning French and German.

🌮 I’m a huge foodie and love exploring new cuisines. At the moment, I’m diving into the delights of French cuisine.

I’m on LinkedIn & Twitter, let’s connect!