Project goal

The problem: At the end of the day, there are still baked goods left at the bakery. This can lead to waste when there are so many people in need of food.

The goal: Design an app for bakery helpers that allows users to check the app to see what is available at the nearest bakery participating in the initiative. They can pick up the items and deliver them to the nearest homeless shelter.

My role: UX designer

Duration: December 2022 – March 2023

Target audience

Key challenges or constraints

The key challenges was reaching out to these personas for interviews because of accessibility and mobility constraints. However, we were able to do the usability study remotely.

Another key constraint was the duration and a number of interviews. I would have liked to do more interviews with more people. I hope to do this in future projects.

Research study details


  • Unmoderated usability study

  • 4 participants 

  • 30-60 minutes

1. People wanted to be notified via mobile notifications when food becomes available.

2. People wanted to give to other associations and families and not just homeless shelters.

3. People wanted to be able to delegate pickup to someone else if they were otherwise occupied.

Initial design concepts

Sketches or wireframes

User testing results

High-fidelity prototype


Users will be able to give and help those in need just by volunteering their time and the bakery workers will be happy knowing that they don’t have to throw good food away. 

“I can imagine the happiness on not just the food recipients but the bakers”

I learned that with every process, there is always new insights to be gained in making the app better for the user.

Next steps

  1. Add more functionality that allows for more time customization and flexibility.
  2. Conduct more research to find ways to make the app even easier for users.