Project goal

The problem: Busy workers need to order breakfast on the go. They don’t have time to stand in a queue waiting for their orders.

The goal: Design an app that allows users to order and select the time to pick up their order in one app.

My role: UX designer

Duration: December 2022 – March 2023

Target audience

Key challenges or constraints

The key challenges was reaching out to these personas for interviews because of accessibility and mobility constraints. However, we were able to do the usability study remotely.

Another key constraint was the duration and a number of interviews. I would have liked to do more interviews with more people. I hope to do this in future projects.

Research study details

I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m
designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research
was working adults who were too busy to make breakfast at home but didn’t want to spend so much time at the bakery waiting for their order.

Pain points:
1. Time-saving: Can’t order beforehand, I have to do it at the bakery and sometimes,  there is a waiting line.
2. Daily menu:
Can’t plan her family’s breakfast ahead of time because she has no idea what the bakery has until she goes there.
3. Pick a time:
Sometimes she needs to order for her colleagues and it would be good to pick it up while it’s still hot without waiting for too long.


Initial design concepts

Sketches or wireframes

User testing results

High-fidelity prototype


The app makes users feel that Shea’s bakery cares about them and makes sure that they have fresh breakfast even while busy.One quote from a user in the usability study: “It’s a simple and easy app to use on the go”

I learned that focusing on the user and how to solve their needs goes a long way in refining the app and making it useful for real users.


Next steps

  1. Conduct another usability test to be sure it fits the user’s needs.
  2. Observe actual customers of Shea bakery utilizing the app and see where there can be more room for improvement.